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Loop Tool

Used for Stringing and Pulling Beads
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Product Details
UPC: 702795853303
Extensions of Beauty: Donna Bella
Unisex : Unisex
Adult: Adult
Blue: Silver


  • Used for Stringing and Pulling Beads
  • 100% Nylon
  • Holds about 50 Beads

The Loop Tool is used to apply microlink, i-tips, beaded weft, and flat tip Hair Extensions. It's flexible and duurable. The Loop Tool makes applying beads easy and painless, threading the whole strand through the bead without flyaways or strays. It can hold 50 beads at once, speeding up the installation process and saving you time.

Slide the beads onto the Loop Tool, stacking them starting from the base and working up. Take a section of hair and put it all the way through the loop. Move the bead up the loop and onto the hair. Once it's in place, use the Hair Extension Tool to crimp the bead.

The 100% nylon loop allows for easy cleaning and lasts much longer than the traditional wire loop.

Using proper hair extension tools guarantees that both original hair and the hair extensions are treated properly and last a long time. Our products are designed to work with London's hair and beads; we recommend only using our products for the best results.

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