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Hair Extension Business Refresher

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

By: Michelle Sawyer

As hair stylist we are constantly learning how to stay relevant and efficient. Once we have reached a level where we are consistently achieving our desired result, we have them achieved mastery. However, a great hairstylist never stops learning. He or she also doesn't hesitate to refresh their skills for the sake of their business and their clients wellbeing.

For instance, if you are in the Hair Extension Installation Business, you have to have more than a few hair extension methods under your belt in order to be a well rounded Extensionist. Being an Extensionist comes with a lot of responsibility. We are in a position where we have to assess the clients hair and determine what's going to be the best hair extension method to create the clients desired look while also maintaining the clients hair integrity. Let's face it, we all have our favorite methods that we like or prefer to do 😀. But what about when your business starts to see an influx for a method that you may not necessarily care for but the income for the service is favorable? Do you take it? Should you take it?

The answer is yes and no. If there is a method that you really don't like doing.

There is a reason. It takes too long, it's tedious, not profitable to your business or you simple don't believe in the method. Let's break these down.

  1. It takes to long: If the method takes too long and you don't like doing it most times you're not charging enough for your time. If it's taking you 4-6 hours to complete the client's session and you're walking away with only $250-$300, then you have every right to be frustrated. You could have done a Keratin treatment in less than half the time and make close to the same amount. Solution- Adjust your pricing to align with the service and time allotted to that service (we'll get into how to adjust pricing on another day🙃). Or, don't accept request for this service. If you're not happy, you won't create happy hair.

  2. It's tedious: With installing hair extension there is always a certain level of tedious work involved in our very specialized work that "needs" to be done. I wanna stress "need"s to be done because if you don't do the tedious work, your client's hair is the one that's going to suffer. There are alot of short cuts that are time savers or saves you in product cost. But if you are going to maintain your integrity and commitment to maintaining your client's natural hair, you have to find a fine balance that saves time but isn't gradually thinning your client's hair (e.g. move ups are moving the bead up verses an entire removal and reinstall. Well if the same hair is being used to hold the weight of the extensions, eventually there will be breakage because that hair needs a break from carrying the weight. Picture a swing attached to a tree swinging, except your client's hair is not as thick and strong as a tree trunk)

  3. It's not profitable to your business: This is kind of an easy one to resolve. If it's not profitable to your business than you need to look into a couple things. First, take a refresher course on the method. Think of it this way, highlights have been around for ages but the techniques are constantly changing. Same rule applies to hair extensions. Refresher courses can bring you up to date on the new techniques associated with that method. Second, it may be time to adjust your pricing. This isn't chemo therapy that we are offering. What I mean by that statement is that client's don't need to have extensions. They want them. It's a luxury hair service for most and is a very specialized service that is very time consuming. Be sure that your level of service and work matches your pricing.

  4. Don't believe in the method: If there is a method that you have research and maybe even taken a few courses and feel in your gut that it is just not your jam, than don't do it. It's just that simple. However, if it's not your jam and you still want to offer the service. I strongly suggest that you do a bit more research and take another class from a different source. What can happen if that issue or step that you totally dreaded has an alternate that changes everything for you💡Again, if you're not happy with technique, you can't create happy hair.

That's enough for today ladies and gentleman! I hope this was helpful. Check out our class schedule for the most up to date hair extension classes!

Michelle Sawyer

Extension Specialist | Educator

1774 4th Street

Norco, CA 92880

(951) 427-1597



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