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How do you Pick the Right Extension for your Hair?

I wish I could say I get asked this question all the time, but I don’t. Instead, I have clients calling requesting a specific method, which you would think makes my job easier as a Extension Specialist, but it doesn’t. You see, when it comes to selecting an extension method, it’s not up to the client or me. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I’ll let in on a little secret 🤫. The thickness of your hair determines what extension methods are best for you!!🤯 You read that right. Your hair actually makes the decision on what hair extensions are best for you. How, you ask? 🤔 Think of your hair as rope. People with thick hair have hair that is so strong 💪🏽 you could pull a car with it. People with thin hair, well their hair is more like thread 🧵 instead of rope and can’t hold as much weight.

Now, if you have thick hair, you can choose any hair extension method you like because your hair is strong and can tolerate the weight of a Weft Hair extension (Sew-in🧵), I-Tip Hair Extensions, Tape, and any other methods. When it comes to thin hair, we’ll that’s when the pickings get a bit slim my friend. For clients with thin hair, lightweight methods are an absolute must or say Sayonara to what little hair we as thin hair sufferers have ✌. You wanna know the even sadder part, there are a handful of Hair Extension Specialist that will take all the steps and give the care necessary to keep your thin hair from being damaged from using the right hair extension method for you. So choose you Hair Extension Specialist wisely 👀.

Now you may be wondering 💭, “Do hair extensions actually damage hair?” The simple answer is, Nope. Here’s the thing, if your hair extensions are properly installed by a professional, properly maintained at home between salon visits by you and properly removed by a professional than there is no reason your hair should experience any damage. Sounds simple right. It is. But if there is any kink in that chain, well that’s where you’ll find you hair loss culprit.


Michelle Sawyer

Hair Extension Specialist/Hair Educator


(951) 427-1597


How do you Pick the Right Extension for your Hair

How to desire what hair extensions are right for you

hair extensions for thin hair

do hair extensions cause damage

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