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What are the most popular hair extensions?

As a hair extension specialist, I'd say that 70% - 80% of hair extension request I get are for Microlink and Sew-in. They are both very popular methods right now. Microlinks and Sew-In Hair Extensions are great for medium to thick hair.

Microlinks are especially popular because clients are able to pull their hair into a high ponytail easily.

Sew-In Hair Extensions have always had a certain level of popularity. They have been around for ages. The newer Sew-In Hair Extension method have removed braiding all together. Now, hairstylists can install Sew-In Hair Extensions without the hassle of braiding and the excess tension that braiding causes. Microlink and Sew-In Hair Extension Workshop are courses available for you to learn and get certified in the most popular method.

To sign up for Hair Extension Training visit:

Michelle Sawyer

Certified Hair Extension Educator



(951) 427-1597

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